Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Worries!

Ok... I admit it... I have not been a very good patient...  I was feeling so good that I did waaaaay tooooo much too soon!  Yikes!  Boy did I pay for it...  The last week has been a time of rest, rest, and more rest.  How much TV can one watch?  I think I got my quota in for the rest of the year - hee hee!

So.  Guess what?  I'm ready to begin again - yay!  This time, I am taking it slow.  Really, I am!  I am sleeping in (yawn...) and doing as little cleaning up around the house as possible - lol!

Here is my little cuddle baby.  He keeps me warm and toasty!  Can you say "Aww?"


Here he is giving me the "I'm not happy about this" look!  It's his first time going swimming, but he doesn't see the difference between having FUN and taking a bath... lol!

Well... I think I just may have a card to show you very soon!  If not before, I will definitely have something to show you next week for Wendy's Digital Doodling here  It's gonna be a cutie, just you wait 'n see!  You're gonna love her!  Just today, I got "back in the saddle" and sat at my desk... coloring was so much fun!  Oh how I love when a plan comes together :D  Can't wait to show you lots of new images!

Until next time my friends ~

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul ~


Mandy said...

So glad your feeling better and I can't wait to see more of your cards...your dog is certainly cute so adorable...certainly doesn't like the dog jack love's the sea you can't keep him out but he won't go out in the rain if he can help it such funny creatures.Take care.
mandy xx

Mandy said...

lori I'm so pleased you are o.k hun, we have been so worried about you as you will see from all the comments when you visit the DT blog lol.
You baby is gorgeous I did chuckle at the pic of him in the pool.
Take it easy hun
love and hugs Mandy xx

Wendy M said...

Yey! Glad you are okay... we were worried about you but soooooooooo glad you are okay.

I did too much after having an ovary removed (similar op to a hysterectomy) and was hoovering, etc a week later (against Doctor's ordersw) and went back to work too soon also only to have to go off again for about a month!!! What are we girls like??? I felt fine at the time too and thought it would be okay to pick up as I was doing before but this was a BIG mistake!!!

Anyway, we are soooooo glad you are feeling better.

Wendy xx

Wendy M said...

p.s. Love Sammy - he's really cute xx

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