Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SCACD Sale and Shopping Alert!!!

Hello my special friends!  I'm back for the zillionth time after being swamped with 'life'...  My poor little puppy dog is still not doing well.  He is such a trooper though.  He is learning that he can still get to where he wants to go by scooting across the floor.  I am both excited for him and also saddened.  The vet will be happy to do surgery for his injuries which has caused his hind legs to become paralyzed for the whopping price of $4 to 5 THOUSAND dollars.  Uh.... no.  The last thing we are now trying is to give him steroids twice a day, but this has caused him to vomit - in our bed no less - yuck!  Well, there's much more I can say on this subject, but that's really the bottom line.  Unless God chooses to heal him physically so he can walk (which He is more than able to do!) he'll spend the rest of his life scooting around and his front legs will be so strong - Super Doooooogggg!!!

I DO have some cards on the way for your viewing pleasure... but not just yet.  Until then, I have some exciting news!  Thank you, Dianne, for letting me use your post on this SHOPPING ALERT! (I give you total credit!!!).  Go check out her blog for some awesome inspiration!!!

OK... I'm off to see what to make for dinner, go to a meeting, then go to my last meeting for the evening - whew!  It's no wonder I've been missing a lot lately.  Can someone please stop the ride?  I would like to get off... LOL!

I love you ♥ 
May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul ~


Becky said...

Poor baby. Have you seen the new harness on 2 wheels for dogs who loose the use of the hind legs?

Mandy said...

Poor Sammy and poor you hun, you must be going out your mind with worry. I really hope he will be o.k and regain the use of his legs.

What have you done with our box naughty triplet?
loads of love n hugs Mandy xx

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