Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blogger Award

I have received my very first award!  Thank you for thinking of me, Wendy :D  Wendy has so graciously sent me this award from her blog, Digital Doodling.

Here's what I'm supposed to do:
1 Post a link back to the person who sent me this award - done :D
2 Post 7 interesting facts about me
3 Send this on to another 7 favorite blog sites and say why
4 Let my fav bloggers know they've received this award

7 Interesting Facts About Me:
1  I have survived cancer twice!  Once by the hands of God and the surgeon; once by the hand of God alone!
2  I have no breasts - really... and I am ok with that!
3  JESUS saved me in 1989 and He's been healing me ever since : )
4  I have always LOVED being artistic.
5  I can spend all day in the craft store or online shopping...
6  I am still a just a kid - I LOVE to laugh and have fun!  I also LOVE my blankie - lol!
7  If you have me as a friend, you'll find me trustworthy and loyal...

7  Favorite Blog Sites I Am Sending This Award To and Why:
1  Suzanne at scrapbitz - She was my introduction to the world of blogging, copics and creativity.  Her work is outstanding and her tutorials amazing!  She's very sweet too :D
2  Mandy at Crafty Fox Cards - I love her friendly, approachable style!  Lovely work also.
3  Maria at Joyful Stamper - I connect with her because of Jesus :D  She inspires me with her work.
4  Linda at Linda's Crafty Creations - Very sweet lady.  I've been enjoying getting to know her through her posts.  More lovely work!
5  Mandy at A Sprinkling of Glitter - Mandy is incredible :D  She also has amazing work.  I loved working with her as a DT member for Digital Doodling.
6  Mo at Digital Pencil Too - If you haven't checked out Mo's amazing images, you are missing out!  I have quite a collection of her digis :D  Keep 'em coming, Mo!
7  Lou at Welcome to Lou's Blog - Lou is very sweet and does very nice work.

Whew!  I can't believe I'm done... and I was gonna get a card or two finished tonight - oh well.  Tomorrow is another day.  I promise that my next card will be MUCH nicer than the last one.  Honestly, I think it stinks!  I love the images and the techniques, but the design is p.u. - ha ha ha!

So... until next time, my friends...
May God bless you, keep you and comfort your souls ~


Mandy said...

Aww Lori thank you soooooo much hun, you are such a sweetheart and an incredible lady to have been through what you have and maintain your faith and your sense of fun.
Wendy pipped me to the post with the awards I had you, Liz & Wendy on my award list and had to change it when I found Wendy's, that will teach me for being so slow lol.
Take care my lovely friend and I hope you continue to get better and stronger each day
love & hugs Mandy xx

Suzanne J Dean said...

Hi Lori! Thanks so much for the award--that was just so sweet of you & I appreciate it so much! I was just noticing your "teapot" cursor--how stinkin' cute is that? LOL
I'm glad you got all your goodies & hope you're enjoying them!

have a fabulous weekend!

Maria Matter said...

Hey Lori! congratulations on your award hun!

And thank you for thinking of me, YOU are a sweetheart!!!

I will post it the next time I post!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!
Blessings, Maria

Lou said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks so much for my award, it's made my day! I really appreciate it, and hope you will continue visiting my blog from time to time!

Good luck with my Candy, I will be announcing the winner this evening, so be sure to have a look!!

Take care,

Lou x

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