Friday, December 25, 2009

Please Help Single Moms Fighting Cancer! LAST DAY!!!


Your chance to give a gift to women in need this Christmas!!!

Want to win over $400 in prizes?
In exchange for your donation to an organization that helps single moms who are fighting cancer by providing meals, housekeeping, bill-paying assistance and general help during their treatment, I will enter you into the drawing for this awesome prize package below!!! Check out this video below for information on Singleton Moms. Click here to visit their site or click here to make your donation. A donation in any amount will qualify you for the drawing. After you make your donation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Singleton Moms. Just forward that e-mail to me as your entry at
All entries must be received by midnight TONIGHT. I will announce the winner on Saturday, Dec. 26. There is just one more day to make your donation. It can be as little or as much as you like. This is a truly beautiful way to make the season even brighter by helping those who are certainly struggling at a time when many of us are celebrating and enjoying life. Plus, you could win a SUPER PRIZE!!!

This opportunity to give speaks directly to my heart.  I've had cancer - twice!  God has healed me both times : )  Once by His hands as well as the hands of the surgeon; once by His hands alone!  Yes, JESUS is alive!  He has healed me!  I am a living testimony and I owe my life to Him.  Won't you give Him your life this Christmas?  He has already given His for you...

Much love and blessings of peace ~


Larisa said...

Congrats, Lori, you won a candy here

Stempelientje said...

Wow and you've won more candy i saw!! On Rusty Pickle's blog you have won 72 copics!!
Now that is a Merry Christmas!!

Greetings from Stempelientje

Roberta Laliberte said...

I did not realize I was not following you yet Lori! Thanks for all the lovely comments and I am feeling much better, thanks for asking!


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