Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Testing Mr Linky : )


Cazzy said...

Yep - it works!

Mandy said...

BOO !!!!
Clever girl, you're not just a pretty face
love n hugs Mandy xx

Mandy said...

OMG even Mr Linky is playing hide and seek, he's just vanished lol
loves ya xxxxxx

Mandy said...

He's gone again ha ha ha, does this mean I win as I've managed to get 2 entry's in the littkle tinker before he ran away lol.

Mandy said...

Mr Linky seems to have banned me ho hum, there was me trying to get connect 4 but the last 2 haven't shown up lol. Do you play connect 4 in the States? If not you won't have a clue what I'm on about lol.

I'm off to my bed hunny, and of course I knew you were playing, it made me laugh as I'd just published my rant and felt so much better for getting it off my chest and then I saw your comment and laughed so much hunny, you could never ever upset me, and I'm glad you've forgiven me for breaking Mr Linky lol
loads of love and hugs Mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cazzy said...

Thanks Lori. I didn't notice the followers were back, hooray!
I am not very good at keeping up the blogs, work full time and then spend too much time on computer on facebook!
Will be trying to update the others, or add them as pages if I can work that one out.

Cazzy x

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi Lori, it's still here and working, not like my lovely friend Mandy who broke it lol,doesn't know her own strenth that one lol,I miss you on my chat box, I think it's still working he he, hugs Liz xx

Tini said...

I think your Mr. Linky works :)
Hugs Tini

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