Friday, August 6, 2010

Feeling Punchy Candy


I did a silly thing the other day...  I just HAD to have a MS doily lace punch.  I couldn't get it out of my mind!  So what did I do?  I bought one!  I was so happy and opened it up to use it... then I spied the twin.  Oh my goodness, I can't believe I already had one LOL!  Why do I need two of the same punches?  Duh!!!

I could have brought it back to the store, but the package had already been opened... so... I'm offering it to one of you, my lovely friends : )

I'd like you to celebrate with me today.  It's my birthday!!!  I am also celebrating my 3rd year of being free from breast cancer!  Glory to God!!!

To enter my Feeling Punchy Candy:
  • Please leave a comment with your favorite inspirational thought or Scripture verse!
That's it ♥  I will choose a winner on August 31.

Thanks for playing!!!

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul ~


    Judith Veldhuizen said...

    Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday , happy birthday, happy birthday to you

    i already was a follower of yours, and i've put your candy on my sidebar!

    theCook said...

    Happy birthday!

    Larisa said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori! )))
    Congratulations you could be stronger than cancer! You are a lucky girl!!!
    To win this candy is a dream of a whole my life even))) Thanks for the chance! ))) I linked it on sidebar.
    Hugs. Larisa. xxx.

    gea said...

    happy birthday! And how great You are free from brest cancer now !!
    I wish for you : 2 thess.1 :23.

    The Paper Princess said...

    Dear Lori,

    Congrats and happy birthday - it's my birthday month too!

    It's obvious that "God knows the plans He has for your - plans to prosper you and not to harm you - plans to give you a hope and a future" (Jer 29:11).

    Be blessed - and thanks for the chance to win this fab punch!


    Mad Moose said...

    Happy Birthday and many congratulations on your sucessful fight against cancer!

    My favourite saying is this:
    Oh, the comfort! The inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person. Having neither to weigh thoughts, nor measure words, but pouring them all right out just as they are; chaff and grain together. Certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

    Take care and god bless x

    Shraddha said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori!!!

    Cheryl said...

    oh my dear,lori happy birthday wish I had known as I would have loved,to sent you a card,
    I always,say,that prayer is a wonderful thing to lift your sprits,and just to thank god for every day we are alive,bless you my dear friend,and her is to the next 3 years,of being free,
    all my love cherylx
    ps will post on my side,bar thanks for the chance to win,hugs cheryl xxxxx

    BeeBeebabs said...

    Happy Birthday and thank God your cancer free. "I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh" Acts 2:17.

    sucor said...

    Happy Birthday! So glad to hear you are also celebrating three years cancer free! "The most difficult thing to give away is kindness - it is usually returned."

    angelique (anlou) said...

    congratulation hun
    i wish you a perfect day, with a lot of fun, LOL
    thanks for the chace to win this beautiful punch
    i glad to hear that you're 3 years cancer free
    big hugs from me

    Margreet said...

    Happy birthday to you, Lori and even more congrats on being 3 years breastcancer-free!!!!
    xxx Margreet

    Mandy said...

    Hi Lori,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY with love and hugs, and here's to many more of them...Would love to enter your candy...One of my favourites is....

    Make new friends,
    but keep the old,
    one is silver,
    the other gold...

    It just makes me think of all of my friends wether new or old as very special...take care and have a fab day....
    Mandy xx

    Anne said...

    Happy birthday!
    I hope you have a lovely day.

    I want to tell you something you can take comfort in on your lazy days. It is my belief that no one has ever laid on their death bed and wished that they had done more housework.

    Hugs, Anne.

    Teresa said...

    Hi Lori! Happy Birthday! happy life!
    Today the music is heard particularly beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your celebration, thank you for the opportunity to participate once again and thank you for your example!blessings!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori. Don't we all sometimes buy two of everything. LOL Congrats on you being free of cancer for three years. God is obviousl with you.

    Proverbs 27:9
    The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. (NLT)

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Lisa V.

    Cor* said...

    Oh, Lori. You are so generous! Happy birthday to you and congrats on being 3 yr cancer free! I am already a follower and as for inspirational thought, well, I live by "everything happens for a reason". Take your much stronger has it made you, how many times has it made you look at your life, love & family differently and cherish every moment more. How much has it inspired you>? Now it's gone. It happened..............for a reason, if not to make you stronger, then to allow you to share your story of survival! Thinking of you today and always Lori! Keep smiling!

    ~*Joni said...

    Lori I just wanted to come by and celebrate your 3rd year of being cancer free!! Please don't consider me into the blog candy (I think I too may have two of those punches - heehee!). But any time someone has wonderful news to share, I feel the need to celebrate. Praise God for your wonderful health! I have so many that I love, but when my own DD was going through chemotherapy 3 years ago at the age of 2, I repeated the Serenity Prayer all the time. It reminded me of Who was in charge. ;)
    Hugs and loves!!!

    Regena said...

    Happy Birthday! So glad to hear you are also celebrating three years cancer free!I have soo many scripture verses..but here iss one of my favorite Psalm 145..I love reading the whole chapter..its so uplifting!! thanks for the chance of winning some candy..God Bless

    Malwina said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori!
    Congratulations!I linked it on sidebar.

    Pillan said...

    I love this punch and wish I have one... Congrats on your birthday and a bigger congrats to 3 years free from breastcancer, how wonderful to hear. I think when someting like that happens, you come out of it much stronger..."everything happens for a reason" that's what I think. I am already a follower of your blog and I have posted a link in my sidebar to this wonderful candy.
    I hold my fingers crossed to win this punch... :-)
    Big hugs from me /Pillan

    Divinity said...

    happy birthday!!! and may ur year be filled with lots and lots of wonderful things! :)

    i've posted a link about ur candy on my blog sidebar. thanks for the chance! :)

    one of my fav scripture verses is jeremiah 29:11 [For I know the plans I have for you...plans to give you a future and a hope.]

    fusiafscrapping said...

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday Lori!
    Wow! What a wonderful candy, thank you so much for the chance to win.
    You are already on my blog sidebar.
    Your projects are absolutely amazing.
    One of my favourite scripture verses is Hebrews 11:1
    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen


    HazelQ said...

    Happy bday Lori! May God bless you in this day and always, my best wishes to you.
    My favorite Bible verse is John 15:7
    "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. "

    Sandy Bayles said...

    Congrad on being Cancer free. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. I had ovarian cancer 5 years ago. So far so good. Don't feel bad about the double punch thing. I love MS. I just got some things from HSN of hers. My favorite thought is
    "God does not give you more than you can handle". But at time I wish he would slow down and not so much come at one time. Have a great birthday...

    Darlene S. said...

    EEKKK!! I have been stalking this exact punch for months now! I need to find a mega sale on MS punches! :)

    Thanks for the chance!

    I'll blog about this next Friday. :)

    GreenScrap said...

    Thank God for your recovery. Is amazing and I admire your courage. My fave quote is
    "When I look at the galaxies on a clear night - when I look at the
    incredible brilliance of creation, and think that this is what God is like, then instead of feeling intimidated and diminished by it, I am enlarged . . . I rejoice that I am a part of it.
    Madeleine L. Engle
    I just thought... I don't have any punches this kind intimidate me a little because I have a tendency to be all crooked.
    Happy Birthday!!
    Please Visit me @

    Rufus said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Congrats on your 3rd year cancer free. I'd love to have this punch, adore edge punches! My thought is both inspirational and funny. It's that God won't give you more than you can handle. It goes on to say, I just wish He didn't trust me so much!
    Thanks for the chance,

    bernietom47 said...

    Happy Birthday! Thank and praise the Lord you are cancer free. I pray you will be blessed with good health for many many years to come.
    I don't know the author but this quote has always been a favorite of mine because it's so true.
    "If God Brings You To It-He Will Bring You Through It!"

    Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful punch.
    Hugs & Blessings Bernie

    Nicole Brenna said...

    What a great punch... I have done similar things when shopping all the time. Thanks for offering it as candy!!! Happy Birthday too!

    Valérie Lacerte said...

    Happy birthday !!!!
    thanks you for the great price....

    Deb-Close to my Heart Consultant said...

    One of My Favorite Verses is John 16:33 These things i have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have tribulation: but be of good cheers; I have overcome the world. God Bless you
    Happy Birthday

    spring4729 said...

    Lori.....I just love all of your creations and inspirations you are truly very talented and I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May God keep BLESSING you always and keep you healthy and strong...... : ) Thanks for the opportunity.....

    dreams_sueños said...

    Happy Birthday Lori!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the chance to participate and congratulations for free cancer in 3 years!! hugs from Córdoba, Argentina

    Natagirl said...

    If you not against, I would take part in drawing! It so magnanimously from Your side - not to sell, and to give a present!

    Happy birthday to you congratulate!
    Happiness, wish gladness!
    To be not ill, and to be sweet one!
    Sweet and always beautiful!

    Russian rhyme =)

    Natagirl said...

    Oh, reference.... oops =)

    right sidebar

    Aussie Loz said...

    Hey Lori! Hope your birthday was awesome, and congrats on your 3 years!! I don't really have a favourite quote or scripture verse... but I do love this funny quote "last night I dreamt I ate a 10 pound marshmellow... this morning when I woke up my pillow was gone" - never fails to put a smile on my face :)

    kimmie_35 said...

    Happy Birthday! Love your blog, Lori. Thanks for the chance to win. My quote actually comes from my Grandma, whom I was very close to as a child, and I can always remember that when we stayed with her and we would say our prayers before bed, she would say different things that stuck in my head. One of them being, to thank God for my good parents who looked after me so well, our family and friends who loved us, and to remember that people are the most important thing in life.
    As a parent myself, I find myself saying these things to my own children now. Trying to make them realise that the people we love are much more important than spending more time on the ps3...!!!!

    sequin said...

    Happy Birthday! I wish you health and inspiration!
    My favorite phrase: "It is better to do and then regret what not to do and still be sorry!"
    Candy great! I dream about this puncher! Thanks for the chance! I hope good luck!

    Светлана said...

    Happy Birthday Lori!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the chance to participate and congratulations for free cancer in 3 years!! hugs from Lipetzk, Russia

    Polla said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori! )))
    And how great You are free from brest cancer now !! You are a lucky girl!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this candy! ))) It's my dream
    I linked it on sidebar.
    Hugs. Larisa. xxx.

    At The Top Of The Cloud said...

    Happy Birthday, Lori!!! I wish a long-long and happy life to u!!! Congratulation with 3 years cancer free, it's so great!!! And thanks for a chance to win that great punch, it's my dream to have it!
    My link will be at my sidebar
    Hugs. Nadya.

    detenish said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori! )))
    Congratulations you could be stronger than cancer! You are a lucky girl!!!
    To win this candy is a dream of a whole my life even))) Thanks for the chance! ))) I linked it on sidebar.

    juice said...

    Happy Birthday!
    mY link:

    Ганима said...

    Happy Birthday!
    Congratulations for free cancer in 3 years!
    Thanks for the chance to win this candy! I linked it on sidebar -

    Юлька said...

    С Днём рождения))) счастья,любви и всего наилучшего))) спасибо 3а во3можность выиграть это чудо))

    maki.moniaki said...

    What a lovely candy!
    My favorite vers is Isa.12;2

    Ninja Panda said...

    Whoopsies! Congratulations & God Bless...

    "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


    Cindy Gay said...

    "Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands--take it when it runs by" Carl Sandburg

    and Happy Birthday!

    Zerra said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori! )

    Olga_art said...

    Happy Birthday! I am glad that you recovered after breast cancer! It's just wonderful! My sister had the same problem and we lost her (((
    I often read Psalm 22.


    Lori i am so pleased for you,
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

    Anonymous said...

    My favoriate Verse would have to 1Corinthians 13:11 "Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you."....Thanks you for this great chance to win this awsome giveaway...I don't have any punchies so my fingers are crossed!!

    Take care of yourself and God bless!!!
    - Sherrell

    Maria Luisa said...

    Happy birthday to you.
    Thanks for the chance to participate.
    Congratulations you could be stronger than cancer!
    Maria Luisa

    jesiony said...

    Gratulacje, dostalas nowe zycie w dniu 3 nowych urodzin zycze Ci:
    carpe diem - chwytaj chwile czyli korzystaj z zycia.
    Chetnie poczestuje sie takim candy.

    ART Fly said...

    Лори, с днем рождения тебя. И огромное спасибо за шанс выиграть такую классную штуку.
    It's my dream :)

    Ланочка2510 said...

    мммммммммм..моя несбыточная мечта - такой дырокольчик!!!
    но это так...к слову...
    а я хтела поздравить тебя с Днём рождения и пожелать тебе,Лори,ЗДОРОВЬЯ И СЧАСТЬЯ...а остальное - само приложится..

    Ланочка2510 said...

    сообщение разместила здесь...

    Rosalee said...

    I am so happy to hear that all is well. Its times like that, that strengthen a person even though one might go through times of doubt.
    My favorite verse is "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me" Philippians 4:13
    Hugs, Rosalee

    Fairy of flowers said...

    С Днем рождения! Конфетка супер!))

    vvia said...

    happy birthday:)))

    "Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free" — Jim Morrison

    Message Keeper said...

    Hi Lori,

    First, Happy Birthday and thanks for the candy which I longed to have this punch (as Malaysia is very expensive)!

    Second, may God bless you with His kindness so that he will free you from the breast cancer forever. I know how it feels as I have relative which have same case.

    Third, happy anniversary on your blogging which is due in 10 days.

    Evelyn @ Message Keeper

    Svetlana said...

    Happy-happy birthday! With you a lot of health. And thanks for a candy.

    My favourite inspirational thout is:
    "Every cloud has a silver its lining"

    I've put a link to your candy on the sidebar

    Kras said...

    Hi Lori,
    Happy-happy birthday
    Only good people are generous, you are very positive person.

    Kras said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    ecila said...

    Wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others! Happy Birthday!!!

    It will be pleasure to be here.

    paLLLna said...

    С днем рождения, Лори!!! Конфетка замечательная, я думаю этот дырокол мечта каждой)))

    niebieskości said...

    Happy Birthday!
    I'm from Poland :)
    I'm novice :)
    My blog

    Zoe said...

    Hi and happy birthday! I would love to win the punch so here is my sentiment. It´s not from the bible but I still find it very inspirational:
    My sould can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth´s loveliness!
    xx Zoe

    Peninia said...

    You have beautiful blog with an amazing produtcs.
    Candy is very sweet. Thanks for chance to win.
    Greetings from Poland.

    *hugs-Peninia art

    Катенька said...

    Happy B-day Lori!

    Magdzik said...

    Happy Birthday to U! :)
    Greetings from Poland :)

    PatS said...

    Lori, happy birthday and 3rd year anniversary being free of breast cancer. You are one of the lucky ones, as my twin sister is. We are all grateful for the support and love shone to the survivors and the strength shared.

    Rosa-kreattiva said...

    Happy birthday to you,
    ti auguro di condividere con noi tanti compleanni speciali come quello di adesso ;-) un caro saluto dall'italia

    ikrinka said...

    Hi Lori, Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for the wonderful candy!

    Eawera said...

    Soooo BEST WISHES!!!! Thanks for the chance to win amazing candy!!!Posted about in my blog.

    Takaya said...

    Happy Birthday! August is my birthday month too.
    The puncher of SM is so awesome I always wanted to have it.
    My fovorite sentence is:

    'If a means happy, then a = x + y + z, x - is work, y - fun, z - the ability to hold your tongue .' -Albert einstein

    Albert Einstein

    kliaksa said...

    Dear Lori,
    congratulations on your being free from cancer and Happy Birthday!
    My favorite inspirational thought is " Live today, think of future, remeber past"

    Your MS doily lace punch is my dream :)
    Best regards from Ukraine, Helen

    Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

    Happy birthday and how wonderful to hear you've been cancer free for several years now! My favorite verse is Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds your house, he labors in vain who builds it! I have several actually! Patsy from

    Ёжики (Yogiki-jl) said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori! Congrats on you being free of cancer for three years.
    Thanks for the wonderful candy!
    I linked it on sidebar:

    monica said...

    happy birthaday lori...thank you for this change...kisses from italy....posto tutto sul blog

    VenEra said...

    Happy Birthday!

    ABily said...

    Happy birthday and all the best, I'm glad I can join you in this special moment of yr life.Greetings from ABily

    Staysy said...

    Happy birthday to you, Lori!!!

    Greetings from Russia

    Wiśnia said...

    Happy Birthday to you Lori!
    Congratulations!I linked it on sidebar.

    Katarina said...

    Congrats on being cancerfree for so long now. One of my fav thoughts that I try to think about when bad things happen to me is: everything happens for a reason.
    Thank you for the chance to win your lovely candy.

    Nany31 said...

    Joyeux Anniversaire Lori !
    bravo pour ce blog. Tes creations sont magnifiques ! Ma citation favorite est : "vive la vie !" !!
    je crois qu'elle se prête bien aussi à ta situation !!
    merci de nous donner une chance de gagner ce lot !
    bonne continuation


    Wow!!! I must try!

    Happy birthday to YOU!

    And my favourite saying:

    "East or West, home is best" :D

    Domna said...

    Happy Bday,Lori!
    I wish you all the best!
    My fab thought is words by Eleanor Roosevelt: "A woman like a tea bag - never know how strong, until it turns into boiling water"
    Be strong always,Lori!

    Starry said...

    Happy Birthday!!! Wish you all the best in this world!
    The candy is just fabulous! The picture and the link is on the sidebar:
    The quote I like is by Picasso: "Youth has no age".
    Be always young and happy!

    Kuleczka said...

    Happy Birthday and congratulations hoping that your fight with the cancer is over. I wish you a lot of hope and blessing. My favourite: Mt 6,21

    StampingPinkie said...

    Happy double birthday, Lori!

    Every day you do not smile is a day lost!

    Would love to join your drawing!


    PS: I am following your blog and love your creations!

    JoJo said...

    Hi there, i just saw your is indeed very hard to meet someone who avid hand made card..

    Happy belated b-day (yesterday was my birthday :P)

    btw, I had the exact same punch you have there... i asked someone from US to buy it for me :)

    Mandy said...

    Happy belated Birthday and congrats on 3 wonderful cancer free years hun.
    Thanks for the fabby candy
    love n hugs Mandy xx

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