Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh-So-Ca-uuuute Peekers are Back and a Tutorial!

Welcome back my lovely friends!  I sure have missed you...  I think I'm gonna be needing to come see you soon since I've been out and about this crazy summer and haven't spent much time on the computer.  I do have a phone which allows me internet access, but two things are annoying about that.  First is the size... have you tried to view a gorgeous card, but can't really see the detail?  When I zoom in, I can see better, but I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to every part of the card lol!  The next annoying thing is the phone battery.  I can't use it for very long connected to the net before it starts moaning about wanting more power!  Ugh!  Hence, I haven't visited many of you in probably months : (  How can I ever make it up to you?  Hint Hint...

On another note, my blogoversary is coming up next month - yay!!!  AND... on top of that, I have a sweet friend who has given me LOADS (and I do mean LOADS) of ribbon.  Hmmmmmm... I wonder if some of that delish ribbon wants to go home with you? 

Indeed... it must soon be CANDY time!

So... haven't the sneak peeks of the Peekers these last five days been awesome?  Girls, you ROCK!  And wasn't Crystal's Peeker FABULOUS today? (You should have come from her blog).  I am so very grateful to be a part of the SCACD DT.  Speaking of the Design Team, we have a new someone who is very talented and is joining us today.  Please help me welcome Lorraine!  Yay!!!  We are sooooo happy to have you join our SCACD family : ) BTW, Lorraine is your next (and final) stop of our Inspiration Hop.  I'll remind you again later!

But that's not all...

We also welcome two guests today:  Susana Boyd and Janiel Corley.  Such amazing talent!!!  Thanks for joining us ladies.  Your work is very inspiring!

And now for a little inspiration from me, courtesy of The Peekers 2 Collection by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.

What!!!  There's the purse, but where's the Peeker?


 There she is!

 See the purse embelly?  I have a tutorial below!

A thick coat of Diamond Glaze on the purse really makes a BIG difference in the richness of the color.  I LOVE this stuff!

Products used on this project:
Mama's Purse Peeker - Exclusive stamp from SCACD
Black/Gold CS - Stash from Local Shop
Coloring - Copics/Gold Atyou Spica Pen
Sparkles - Stardust Stickles
Shine - Diamond Glaze
Mold Putty - Mold-n-Pour
Purse Embelly - Transparent Crystal Gel/Acrylic Paint
Flower Embelly - Pearl Rose Modeling Creme/Acrylic Paint
Sentiment - Stampin' Up!
Rose - Wild Orchid
Lace/Velcro - Stash
Purse Template - The Scrapbook Lounge

***Not in the US?  Never fear...  Elaine at Quixotic Paperie will be happy to help those in Europe/UK!

...and finally... the tutorial!

Cute buttons I found, but they weren't the colors I wanted...

This button is layered and could be disassembled, so I did!

The molding compound is VERY easy to use.  You take equal amounts from each container and knead together until blended.  Roll into a ball and 'squish' the item you want to mold into the compound.  I like to level the top as much as possible because it's easier when using Crystal Gel or Modeling Creme.  You'll have to work rather quickly because the compound sets in about 3 minutes.

I use a plastic spatula to fill the molds

This is the back side of the flower pieces to show the Rose Pearl Modeling Creme I used.

I happened to have these acrylic paints, but my FAVE paint is Precious Metal by Viva Decor.  It is truly one coat coverage... LOVE it (but I didn't have the colors I needed, so...)

Voila'!  Now this color works much better with my project...

Need a refresher?  Here it is again with the purse!
This time I wanted to try Transparent Crystal Gel...

This is what it looks like wet.  You don't have to worry about the excess on the mold - when it's dry, it peels right off!

After drying overnight and popped out of the mold.  I had another color in the mold... you can see 'stains' but that's not a problem cuz I'm painting it.

 Black and Pink... perfect : )

 The finished embelly glued onto my project!  See how well the mold picks up the details?

I hope you've enjoyed my project and tutorial.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (email on sidebar).  I'd love to see what you create!

Now... if you are still awake lol... head on over to see the beauty Lorraine has cooked up for ya!

I love you, my friends

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~


Queenie Jeannie said...

Did you say RIBBON??? One of my favorite words in the whole wide world....especially from the U.K.!!!

Happy (almost) Blogoversary!! Big hugs!

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
amazing cards
love the tutorial hunni
i learn every day some thing new
who don't need ribbons?
i do for sure, LOL ;)
have a great weekend sweetie
hugs angelique

sodell said...

Love the card, would love to know how you mnade it, I am now so over the top in love with the Peekers, i have to start collecting them, and I sure was amazed at your embellishments!! I had not heard of those products before except for a brief mention on a blog. Will definitely have to check them out!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Janiel/ janny said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY FUN and so sooooooo CUTE!!
hugs, Janiel

Barefootstamper said...

So cute! Love the lift out treat of the little Peeker!

Crystal said...

Oh WOW Lori what a FABULOUS idea with this sweet peeker, you sooooo aced this image sweetie! Gorgeous creation and such a fab tutorial girly!!!

Shazza said...

this is great!!!!!!!!!

Sandra said...

This is amazing:) Sandra H

Mary Lou said...

Lori Lori Lori~~Tremendous Idea with your peeker card!!! HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!!!
Thanks for the tutorial~~you little genius:)
Hugz Hun

Danni said...

You are just so creative!! Love the little purse/card and then all your embellies are fab!!

Susan said...

Love the purse Peeker card -- so unusual and super cute! I can't believe all of the embellishments you have made with this modelling clay and gel. Amazing detail and everything coordinates with your project. Wow!
Looking forward to the ribbon candy!

Rufus said...

Cute and creative card! Thanks for the tutorial. Hmmmmmmm, ribbon...a def. weakness of mine! Happy almost Blogoversary.

Alex said...

One of the cutest things EVER!! Lori- you are the queen on making embellishments and I bow to you over and over :)

Patricia St Martin said...

This is MORE then wonderful!!! WOW!!! You have out done yourself.. I more then love your card. I want to get some of that stuff but Susana keeps putting out more wonderful stamps and I can't buy everythig. I have to go back and see I miss the tutorial on how to make the card and what a darling image for that. I ordered the girls.

Kim said...

Holy Moly Girl this is fabulous! Love the purse card and then to have the Peeker inside is so darling!! And LOVE the fabulous tutorial on making your own "right" color embellies...gonna have to get me some of that mold stuff to play with now! I'll be making embellies all the time then...LOL! Thanks for the tips and ROCK! Way to Rock your card to Sister!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Lorraine said...

Thank you for the welcome, Lori!!! I'm so excited to be working with the talented SCACD DT members! Your card is just gorgeous!!! and I must say you are the queen of embellishments! I love the tutorials - so inspiring! I have GOT to try out the molding compound and the crystal gel. Your creations rock!

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