Saturday, July 30, 2011

LOADS of Ribbon Candy Preview with FFF

Well... I've done it again!  I am the Queen of *ooooops!*  With all the hustle and bustle and coming and going - not to mention my emotional roller coaster ride I've been on lately... I FORGOT to make my card for Fairy Fun Fridays which (are you ready for this?) I AM HOSTING this week - Arrrrrrgggghhhh!!!  I simply can not believe I did that.

So... here's a BIG favor I would like to ask you.  For my stupidity, would you be willing to pop over to see Roberta at Prairie Fairy Designs and pick up this FABULOUS digi?  (See below)  If you purchase Swingin Summer, come back and leave me a comment telling me that you did so (I will check with Roberta) on this post only.  For each digi that you purchase from Prairie Fairy Designs, I will enter you (in advance) for my LOADS of Ribbon CANDY coming up soon!  There is no limit, so if you purchase one digi, you'll get one entry; if you purchase ten digis, you'll get ten entries : ).  This is IN ADDITION to the upcoming entry with InLinkz.  So if you enter for my LOADS of Ribbon Candy and purchase... let's say three digis, you'll automatically be entered FOUR times!  How cool is that?  Be sure to let me know how many digis you purchase so I can enter you for each of them : )

Here's the photo inspiration and the card I whipped up for this week's Fairy Fun Fridays Photo Inspiration Challenge #58:

 I obviously did not use the colors of the photo... I concentrated more on the swirls n pearls aspect!

...and a close up of this cutie.  I adore her!!!

**Remember, she's called Swingin Summer **
You can find her Here

How many entries will you get???

I hope you enjoyed my 'only one day late' card lol!  Today, I'm going shopping with my mom to buy an early birthday present for moi!  Yes, I am officially over the hill and next week I'll be over the hill plus one hee hee...  I'm planning a fun day with my mom - I hope you are having lots of fun toooooo!

See you soon my friends.  I'm getting ready to cut some ribbon to share with someone... LOADS of ribbon!  I'll have a photo up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned : )

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh-So-Ca-uuuute Peekers are Back and a Tutorial!

Welcome back my lovely friends!  I sure have missed you...  I think I'm gonna be needing to come see you soon since I've been out and about this crazy summer and haven't spent much time on the computer.  I do have a phone which allows me internet access, but two things are annoying about that.  First is the size... have you tried to view a gorgeous card, but can't really see the detail?  When I zoom in, I can see better, but I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to every part of the card lol!  The next annoying thing is the phone battery.  I can't use it for very long connected to the net before it starts moaning about wanting more power!  Ugh!  Hence, I haven't visited many of you in probably months : (  How can I ever make it up to you?  Hint Hint...

On another note, my blogoversary is coming up next month - yay!!!  AND... on top of that, I have a sweet friend who has given me LOADS (and I do mean LOADS) of ribbon.  Hmmmmmm... I wonder if some of that delish ribbon wants to go home with you? 

Indeed... it must soon be CANDY time!

So... haven't the sneak peeks of the Peekers these last five days been awesome?  Girls, you ROCK!  And wasn't Crystal's Peeker FABULOUS today? (You should have come from her blog).  I am so very grateful to be a part of the SCACD DT.  Speaking of the Design Team, we have a new someone who is very talented and is joining us today.  Please help me welcome Lorraine!  Yay!!!  We are sooooo happy to have you join our SCACD family : ) BTW, Lorraine is your next (and final) stop of our Inspiration Hop.  I'll remind you again later!

But that's not all...

We also welcome two guests today:  Susana Boyd and Janiel Corley.  Such amazing talent!!!  Thanks for joining us ladies.  Your work is very inspiring!

And now for a little inspiration from me, courtesy of The Peekers 2 Collection by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.

What!!!  There's the purse, but where's the Peeker?


 There she is!

 See the purse embelly?  I have a tutorial below!

A thick coat of Diamond Glaze on the purse really makes a BIG difference in the richness of the color.  I LOVE this stuff!

Products used on this project:
Mama's Purse Peeker - Exclusive stamp from SCACD
Black/Gold CS - Stash from Local Shop
Coloring - Copics/Gold Atyou Spica Pen
Sparkles - Stardust Stickles
Shine - Diamond Glaze
Mold Putty - Mold-n-Pour
Purse Embelly - Transparent Crystal Gel/Acrylic Paint
Flower Embelly - Pearl Rose Modeling Creme/Acrylic Paint
Sentiment - Stampin' Up!
Rose - Wild Orchid
Lace/Velcro - Stash
Purse Template - The Scrapbook Lounge

***Not in the US?  Never fear...  Elaine at Quixotic Paperie will be happy to help those in Europe/UK!

...and finally... the tutorial!

Cute buttons I found, but they weren't the colors I wanted...

This button is layered and could be disassembled, so I did!

The molding compound is VERY easy to use.  You take equal amounts from each container and knead together until blended.  Roll into a ball and 'squish' the item you want to mold into the compound.  I like to level the top as much as possible because it's easier when using Crystal Gel or Modeling Creme.  You'll have to work rather quickly because the compound sets in about 3 minutes.

I use a plastic spatula to fill the molds

This is the back side of the flower pieces to show the Rose Pearl Modeling Creme I used.

I happened to have these acrylic paints, but my FAVE paint is Precious Metal by Viva Decor.  It is truly one coat coverage... LOVE it (but I didn't have the colors I needed, so...)

Voila'!  Now this color works much better with my project...

Need a refresher?  Here it is again with the purse!
This time I wanted to try Transparent Crystal Gel...

This is what it looks like wet.  You don't have to worry about the excess on the mold - when it's dry, it peels right off!

After drying overnight and popped out of the mold.  I had another color in the mold... you can see 'stains' but that's not a problem cuz I'm painting it.

 Black and Pink... perfect : )

 The finished embelly glued onto my project!  See how well the mold picks up the details?

I hope you've enjoyed my project and tutorial.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (email on sidebar).  I'd love to see what you create!

Now... if you are still awake lol... head on over to see the beauty Lorraine has cooked up for ya!

I love you, my friends

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Day for Candy and Sneak Peek!

``This is your LAST CHANCE to win another one of the adorable Peekers from the NEW Peekers 2 Collection by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD...  Today's featured SCACD Designer is Marti so head on over to her blog where you will be dazzled by her creativity!   You'll need to leave a comment on her post to be included for a chance to win the stamp she is showcasing today.  Don't forget to check back after 11 pm EST at the Store Blog to see if you are one of 5 lucky winners!

In case you missed a day or two, here's the list of designers showcasing each day's Peeker: have until 10 pm EST to leave your comment!
See ya tomorrow with a cutie from the NEW RELEASE!!!!
May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peeker Fever Day Four

I am beside myself with JOY from all the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.  Thank you so very much!  If you missed my sneak peek of Bathtub Peeker, see the post below for a chance to win this Oh-So-Cute stamp!!!

Today you'll want to head on over to both featured SCACD Designers, Danni and Melanie.  They are sure to have some awesome inspiration for another peek at The Peekers 2 Collection by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.  Don't forget to leave a comment on both blogs for a double chance at winning yet another ADORABLE stamp!  Then one more peek day on Thursday before the big reveal on Friday, July 29 of ALL of the 'so cute I'll faint' stamps lol!  Do you have Peeker Fever yet???

See you soon...

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Peeker Fever Preview Day Three and Candy!

Welcome back my sweet friends!  It's been very quiet here lately... so much going on in my life right now!  Actually, when isn't there something going on in each of our lives???  Just sometimes, it seems more intense... This is another season of change for me.  My 'baby' moved out on Saturday (waaaaaaaaaa).  I'm excited for him, but also sad :(  As a mom, don't you just want to hold onto your children forever?  I wouldn't mind lol!  BUT, I have good news!  I'm gonna have a new craft room!!!  I try and focus on that instead of missing my son.  Most times it works, but then something comes up and I get this pain in my heart (waaaaaaaaaaaa).  Enough blubbering!  Let's move on to something FUN...

If you haven't heard, Susana has announced the New Outbreak of Peeker Fever!  Oh my!  Did you love the 'old' Peekers?  Well, get ready for the BEST Peekers ever!  I don't know how Elisabeth Bell does it, but she keeps getting better n better!!!  I can't even tell you a favorite in this New Release... you'll definitely want 'em all!  There are still two Peekers you haven't seen, so you'll want to check out the Designers showcasing those Wednesday and Thursday (see Store Blog).  AND... there are even two more which won't be shown until Release Day on July 29.  So many adorable stamps Oh My!

Today's Sneak Peek is Bubble Bath Peeker by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.  I'm tellin ya... I sure could use a spa day - not to mention a good soak in the bathtub!

Except for the flip flops, I've gone Crystal Gel crazy again : )  Need I repeat myself and say, "I LOVE this stuff!!!"  The 'bubble' button on the bow and the rubber ducky started out as buttons.  I created a mold for each one and filled them with Transparent Crystal Gel.  When dry (I usually let it sit overnight) I popped them out of the molds, trimmed the excess (very easy to do) and painted them.  Ta Da!  Unique embellies that I can make over and over and paint any color I want.  How great is that?  I'm tellin ya... I am having a BLAST with Crystal Gel and mold making.  I also have quite a few colors of Modeling Creme that you'll soon be seeing as more unique and personalized embellies. Oooooh, I can't wait for you to see the embellies I've made for Release Day!  I can hardly believe I made 'em...  Check back here on the 29th - I may be able to get a mini tutorial together for you by then.  If you love molds, you won't want to miss this!!!

Splish splash... so many bubbles lol!  Liquid Applique makes fabulous bubbles : )  Everything is wet in this adorable image... even the shiny bathtub!  Diamond Glaze does such a great job making things shiny - LOVE it!  DP is from the awesome Be Mine Paper Pad by Echo Park.  Another LOVE it hee hee...  For a little sparkle, I've outlined the inner panel and edges of the doily (which is actually cs cut with a die!) with Viva Decor Glitter Liner.  I only used a little, but it sure does have a BIG sparkle!  The flower centers on the flip flops and the black 'pearls' in the corners are Granite Paper Pen - yay... I finally got to use black : )

I hope you've enjoyed my card as much as I enjoyed creating it!  And now... it's CANDY time : )

Candy Alert:
How would you like to get your hands on this cutie?  Just leave a comment on this post for your chance to win and also on Alex's Peeker Post for a greater chance to win! Then check the Store Blog on July 28 after 11:00 pm EST to see if you've won.

So happy to be back... I've missed you!

Have a fabulous day ♥

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gorgeous Perfume Bottles and Flower Children

Greetings all!!!  It's been waaaaay too long since I've been around...  Lots and lots has happened since our last visit.  One of the most important changes is that my hubby has a job (seasonal until October).  I have conflicting emotions - he's been at home for the last 15 months...  I'm excited for him cuz that means he'll have somewhere to go every day lol!!!  Along with that though is that I'll have to take up some of the things he was doing like grocery shopping ugh.  Well... at least he'll keep busy until October AND he'll be getting experience driving truck.  This is something that he's wanted to do since he was a little boy : )  So... say a little prayer for him cuz he's gonna need it!

Today I have a SURPRISE for ya!!!  The SCACD girls are having a 'Just Because' release party!  Susana has decided (in one of her 'Just Because' moments) that 2 amazing Perfume Bottles designed by Victoria Case and 2 Flower Children designed by Elisabeth Bell could not wait to be shown!!!  So... without further ado, here's one of the From the Vault releases, Tall Perfume Bottle by Victoria Case for SCACD!

Don'tcha love the vintage feel to this card?  I LOVE the Perfume Bottles!  Just wait until you see the other one...  They are both GORGEOUS!!!

Copics used:  E59 E55 E53 E51 E50; RV34 RV32 RV11 RV10; G17 G16 G14 G12.  Diamond Glaze on the stopper thing-a-ma-jig hopefully helps to make it look 'clear.'  I have fallen in love with my Viva Decor PEARL pens again.  I think that I've finally got the hang of making pearls so they don't have those funny peaks...  I've used Ice White here.

OK... so I'm not sure I like this embellishment, but wanted you to see (good and bad) so you can learn from my mistakes lol!  This rose button was created beginning with a mold I made using this cool textured button and another from a rose button which I glued on top.  I simply filled the molds with Pearl Rose Modeling Creme.  I let them dry overnight and then painted them. I wanted the vintage look but I'm not sure how well I did... maybe I just made a mess lol!!! I used E59 and E55 then smeared Pearl White acrylic paint and Gold Glitz Glamour Dust Paint on top.

All embellishments were made as noted above.  DP is a combo of my stash and Botanical Collection by Prima.  Edited:  Oh... sorry, I see that Susana is out of stock on the Botanical and will not be getting more in.  Distressing was achieved using Brushed Corduroy Distress Ink - including distressing the seam binding which was creme colored as I'm sure you can tell hee hee.

The next 2 cards are from the awesome designs by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.  The first one I'll show you is Daisy Doll, also in the From the Vault section.

This one's a fun and fresh card!  I had sooooo much fun making the bees and the watering can.  If you've already read the post above, you'll remember that I've been making my own molds and then using the molds to make my own embellishments.  NOTHING escapes my eyes without first considering it for a mold lol!  I just received my order from Susana which included a TON of Crystal Gel (by the way, the Transparent and Hologram are back in stock) and Modeling Creme in (almost) every color!  I can not wait to dig my hands into it all : )

Here's the lil' cutie!!!  She's colored with copics:  RV34 RV32 RV11 RV10; G17 G16 G14 G12; E55 E53 E51 E50.  Lots of Stardust Stickles to highlight that gorgeous daisy head!

An adorable watering can : )  Most times I find a plastic button I like and use it for a mold as I did here.  You can still see the Pearl Rose Modeling Creme color in the indentations by the leaves and stem - but don't look so close!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Precious Metal paint by Viva Decor!  I am not kidding... this the BEST paint I've ever used!!!  It is ONE COAT coverage!!!  I've covered the rose colored watering can with Silver Precious Metal paint (only 1 coat).  The flower took a few globs of paint to get the intensity I wanted...  The flower petals were painted with Metallic Rose acrylic paint and Celebration Pink Glamour Dust Paint on top; the leaves and stem were painted with Peridot Extreme Glitter, but Susana carries Limelight Glamour Dust Paint which is very similar (in fact, I'd rather use the Glamour Dust Paint because it has ultra fine glitter instead of the heavier glitter in the Extreme Glitter...)

These are teeny tiny bees lol!  I tell ya... NOTHING escapes my molds!  Even the smallest details are picked up by the Pour n Mold.  I am totally addicted... just thought I'd mention it in case you were wondering ha ha.

So these bees were also made using Pearl Rose Modeling Creme (because that's all I had and I knew I could alter the look).  The wings are painted with Pearl White acrylic paint with Ice Crystal Glamour Dust Paint on top;  the body is Gold Glitz Glamour Dust Paint and I used a Black Sharpie pen for the stripes - easy : )  I've been missing my Rose Paper Pen, so I snuck some in between the bees!

... and finally... the last one for today.  Here's Hydrangea Hugs by Elisabeth Bell for SCACD.

This sweet flower kid is also colored with copics:  B24 B23 B21; V17 V15 V12; G17 G15 G14 G12; E35 E34 YR21; E11 E21 E00 R20.
Stardust Stickles accent the gorgeous Hydrangea cap she's showing off!  The top edge of the flower pot also received a generous coat of Stickles.  Not sure you can see it here, but the purple bow has a nice shiny coat of Diamond Glaze...

DP is a mix of Lime Twist - Happy Go Lucky by My Mind's Eye and Pixie-Licious by Cosmo Cricket.  I picked up these awesome Hydrangea dimensional stickers on sale at Jo-Ann's last week... LOVE 'em : )

I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted LOL!  That was quite a post, huh?  I suppose I was trying to make up for lost time...

Now don't forget to check out the Store Blog for further inspiration (you'll find links there) and also for those of you in Europe/UK, you can find these NEW stamps at ***Quixotic Paperie***.  Elaine will be more than happy to help you!!!

Thanks for sharing in the fun with me today.  I'm always SO HAPPY when you come to visit!  Have a wonderful weekend - I'll see ya soon!

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul~

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