Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Just a quick post to show you a few pictures of my day trip to Yosemite yesterday.  It is soooooo beautiful!!!  I wish I could stay forever : )

The water is very high right now.  As you can see, it's FAST too!

There are waterfalls in places that didn't have waterfalls before.  Probably not this one though...

This is my hubby ♥  Cool reflection in the water, huh?

Anyone recognize this?  It's Half Dome!

He LOVES his new bike : )  You should see the looks he gets from people lol!  
We rode 19 miles yesterday...

That's my bike in the background.  Not a reclining chair like his lol!

This is where I sat for awhile and read a book - ahhhhhh : )

I don't think there will be many ground fires here!

The water is all the way to the bottom of the bridge!  My DH jumped off this bridge (years ago) into the water which was about 15 feet below.  Look at it now!!!

Hope you enjoyed these photos : )  See you tomorrow!

May God bless you, keep you and comfort your soul ~



Aussie Loz said...

Wow! What amazing scenery! And I love your hubby's bike - recliner and all!! How fab - bet he still gets a fair workout though!
Glad to hear you have a great time, thanks for sharing the pics and showing me I need a holiday! Have a great day ♥

stephanne said...

Oh my heavens, look at how much water there is right now, simply mesmerizing, especially your book reading hide-away, those waterfalls are majectic and serene and thank you for sharing, it has been far too long since I have had the pleasure of seeing the sights for myself, your pics are incredible!!

Lori said...

Thanks for sharing Lori, wonderful pictures, but 19 miles OMG I wouldn't be able to move today! Love your reading spot, what a wonderful way to spend the day with your hubby!

Liz's creative corner said...

Hi Hunny, stop making me drool woman, wow what gorgeous places I'd love to see these places no such luck though, well done on your cycling I'd be done in after three minutes who am I kidding after one lol,thanks for sharing these delightful photo's hun,
you guessed it it's raining again here and this is supposed to be flaming June lol,!!!! hugs Liz xx

Diane said...

Oh my goodness,I want to go there!
It is so peaceful looking!
That is one neat bike!!!
TFS your beautiful pics!

Angelwood said...

Wow that scenery is just beautiful! You are indeed so lucky to be able to visit such a gorgeous park! Next time, can I come? ;o) hugs, Angela

iluvmybugs said...

Beautiful pics...my dh and I were there just last year and really enjoyed the amazing scenery!!! TFS


lin said...


the countdown...

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