Sunday, September 20, 2009

Copic Markers Color Chart

Whew!  Last night, I continued to play around with the layout of this blog.  I still have so far to go... my ole laptop is getting tired pretty fast.  Maybe someday I'll be able to get a new computer - we'll see how that goes!

Ok - so I have learned how to transfer my pics to my laptop, and now have successfully uploaded the photo of the copic color chart I made the other day.  Sorry for the landscape view since it was made in portrait format - oops!  Anyway, I wanted to show you that I decided to make my own chart instead of using the chart on the copic website.  I couldn't figure out how to "shrink" it for use on 8-1/2 x 11 paper (the size available for my printer).  The chart is something like 17 x 14 - or some size that my printer can't handle.  So...... I decided to make my own using Microsoft Excel.  It was very easy adjusting the cell height and width using "Format" and "Row" or "Column."  Row height I used is 46; Column width is 20.  I simply typed in each copic number and color for each marker I presently own, trying to keep them in color "families."  I then colored in each box accordingly, both with full saturation and also just one "swipe" with the chisel end.  This way, I can see at a glance how light or dark each color will be!

So, here's the result of my effort...
Pretty cool, huh?  Of course, as I add to my collection, they won't be in order anymore... but I don't expect to be able to add more too soon - darn!

Tomorrow, I will show you my first attempt at coloring a stamped image!  I am learning soooo much.  Thank you to all my cyber friends who have instructed me in this - I am grateful!!!  I want to share all I am learning with you : )

See you tomorrow!

May God bless you and comfort your soul ~


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